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About Time - the movie

About Time - the Movie

World of Tanks - Statistics

This page is used to track my progress in World of Tanks.



This signature file is from wotlabs.net.


This signature file is from mywotstats.com.


Air Hauler issue

This transaction log shows my Air Hauler sudden windfall at the stock market. Now to try to find a way to fix it.


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My new plane collection.

I have started a new collection of diecast airplanes in 1:600 scale today. I am collecting Singapore Airlines at the moment from Schuco-Schabak. I started it after my parents bought me a Singapore Airlines 777 on their trip to London with Singapore Airlines (refer to LOndon Trip Blog posts).

London Trip - Vapour Trails - Wednesday 21st April

Walking around London it is very pleasing to see the vapour trails of aircraft over London (see picture). This is something that has been missing from London skies for 6 days!!

London Trip - Stranded in London - Saturday 17th onwards ???

We are officially stranded in London.

Our flight with Singapore Airlines on Saturday evening was cancelled due to the volcanic ash cloud that is travelling from a volcano in Iceland. All flights into and out of the UK have been suspended since Thursday 15th April. We originally thought it would only last for 24-48 hours and that our flight might be OK, but no. We are stranded.

London Trip - Sunday 11th April

It has been a beautiful day in London. We met Sally's friends for breakfast at the Strand Palace Hotel before they fly out to Canada, France & Germany. Then caught a No13 bus (following Kate's directions) to Finchley Rd for the O2 centre where the church service for London Community Church is held. Only Kate was there as Adam was sick.

It was a very enjoyable service both the worship and the preaching. Very friendly people, many of whom chatted with us. Met Tom & Hillary who are very lovely people.

London Trip - Saturday 10th April

It is a sunny Saturday morning in London UK. Sally & I are sleeping in after a late night out at the theatre. Sally got to meet Matthew Macfayden twice last night. Once before the show, and again after the show. Sorry boys there will more photos to go up around the computer.

Yesterday we spent hours shopping in Harrods, which was actually very interesting. It is an amazing shop. You actually are given a map to find your way around the shop. It is that big.

Heading down to breakfast now. Will post more later.

My morning

Isn't it great to wake up to your own website. I do know dad has been working really hard to learn about and create this website, he was even reading a book about it on holiday.



Welcome to the Slavin family website. The main characters here are;
Sally, Kerry, Matthew, Joshua and Emily.

As a committed Christian family, we hold strong pro-family and pro-life values.
One outworking of that is Kerry's creation of the God At Work Today website.

Sally is a mother, a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in Critical Care.
Kerry has done many things including IT, and web design, but is currently a bus driver.
Matthew is a smart young man of 14 in year 8 at school.
Joshua "Mr Buttons" loves computers, soccer and lego.
Emily enjoys dancing, keeping her brothers in-line and her Mum on her diet.

We hope that you enjoy our site.

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