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My morning

Isn't it great to wake up to your own website. I do know dad has been working really hard to learn about and create this website, he was even reading a book about it on holiday.



Welcome to the Slavin family website. The main characters here are;
Sally, Kerry, Matthew, Joshua and Emily.

As a committed Christian family, we hold strong pro-family and pro-life values.
One outworking of that is Kerry's creation of the God At Work Today website.

Sally is a mother, a Registered Nurse with extensive experience in Critical Care.
Kerry has done many things including IT, and web design, but is currently a bus driver.
Matthew is a smart young man of 14 in year 8 at school.
Joshua "Mr Buttons" loves computers, soccer and lego.
Emily enjoys dancing, keeping her brothers in-line and her Mum on her diet.

We hope that you enjoy our site.

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