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I was born in Sydney, Australia on 29th September, 1971. I work in the hospital where I was born and live only 5 minutes drive away from where I grew up.

I am the eldest of twins and have a twin brother whose name is Craig. There was just the two of us for nearly 5 years. On the 24th June, 1976, my little sister Amanda arrived, followed 2 years later by my little brother Timothy on the 29th June, 1978.

I am lucky enough to have been born into a Christian family. I have attended church regularly since I was born. My parents are Christians like their parents before them.

I grew up in a Baptist Church near our home. I went to Sunday School every Sunday and Girls Brigade every Tuesday night.

My childhood was happy and healthy. I have many happy memories of summer holidays spent in a caravan with my family and camping holidays as well. My mother stayed home to raise us kids while my dad worked hard to provide for his family. We were not rich by any means but we never did without the essentials. I learn't much about a good work ethic from both my parents. They weren't perfect, but they did the best job they were able to do and raised 4 decent citizens.

I was a good student and did well in school. Definitely more of an academic than an athlete. Craig got the athlete genes.

As a teenager I was a bit of a "goody two shoes". I never tried smoking, drinking or drugs. I am not a risk- taker and all those things seemed too risky to me. I was never offered them anyway. If my parents told me I couldn't go to a party or something, I didn't go. I don't think it would have occured to me to climb out my bedroom window and go anyway.

They were not particularly happy or easy years, I was bullied at school and life was not easy at home, so I spent most of my time lost in books and my favourite music, "escaping from reality".

In year 10 we had a school excursion overnight to Mudgee and Hill End. It was a bit of a disaster, with kids using drugs and drinking when we were camped for the night in a local caravan park. The teachers had to spend the night patrolling the campsite and basically got no sleep. As a result of this trip my parents decided to take me out of the highschool where I was and send me to a Christian Highschool for years 11 &12. I hated them at the time, but it was the best decision they ever made.

I made lots of new friends at the Christian School, some of whom are still special friends today. I was no longer bullied and much happier. I completed my HSC with good marks and went on to University to study nursing. Ever since I can remember, that is what I wanted to do with my life, apart from getting married and having children.

Halfway through my 3 year course I had a nervous breakdown ( for more on this, please read my testimony), left home and spent 2 weeks in a private hospital. I took a year off from my studies and then finally graduated in 1993. I got a job at my local hospital and have been working there ever since.

I met Kerry on a canoe trip organised by mutual friends in 1991. He made sure I was in his boat and the rest is history as they say. We were married on the 26th Febuary 1994 and have now been married for 10 years. Best thing I ever did I must say. We now have 2 beautiful boys and a gorgeous little girl who keep us very busy.

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