London Trip - Stranded in London - Saturday 17th onwards ???

We are officially stranded in London.

Our flight with Singapore Airlines on Saturday evening was cancelled due to the volcanic ash cloud that is travelling from a volcano in Iceland. All flights into and out of the UK have been suspended since Thursday 15th April. We originally thought it would only last for 24-48 hours and that our flight might be OK, but no. We are stranded.

We extended our hotel stay at the Darlington Hyde Park for two more nights without problem at the same rate as the rest of our stay had been, so we had some time to find out what was going on. Unfortunately, their Wi-Fi access had been an issue for the whole stay and it was very difficult to get to the necessary sites to enable us to make any sort of plans for the future.

Eventually went to Singapore Airlines office at Chiswick and spoke to a person. Had previously had no luck getting through on the phone. The have re-booked us on new flights on the 3rd of May!!!!!

We definitely need to be home before then. Praying for southerly winds to blow the ash north, so that we can fly and re-book on an earlier flight.