My new plane collection.

I have started a new collection of diecast airplanes in 1:600 scale today. I am collecting Singapore Airlines at the moment from Schuco-Schabak. I started it after my parents bought me a Singapore Airlines 777 on their trip to London with Singapore Airlines (refer to LOndon Trip Blog posts).

Schabak Collection

I have increased my Schuco-Schabak Collection of 1:600 aircraft by getting a Singapore Airlines A310 and Concorde as well as some Austrian Airlines planes, at the moment I have an A330, an A310 and a Boeing 777. My brother has some planes of Rossiya, a Russian Airline. He has a Boeing 767 and 737, an A320 and a Tupolev Tu-154. I have plans to increase my collection a bit as well as incorporating a new airline, possibly Swissair. I love Schuco-Schabak planes because they are small enough to fit in a lot of places as well as the fact that they are amazingly detailed for their size.

QANTAS collection

Im collecting QANTAS planes instead of singapore airlines I have a QANTAS A380