London Trip - Vapour Trails - Wednesday 21st April

Walking around London it is very pleasing to see the vapour trails of aircraft over London (see picture). This is something that has been missing from London skies for 6 days!!

We decided to head out to Heathrow Airport to see if we could get an earlier flight with Singapore Airlines than our 3rd of May flight. Catching the Picadilly tube we travelled the 40 minute trip out to the airport. It took ages on my phone to find out which terminal Singapore Airlines used. I thought it was terminal 3 but wasn't sure. I'm still a beginner at the Internet on a mobile phone and pressing just the precise spot on a small touchscreen. Confirmed that yes it was T3 just before we arrived.

As we approached the arrivals terminal with crowds being prevented from entering unless they had confirmed seats, my phone rang. It was Singapore Airlines calling me!!! A very nice Australian gentleman called Doug, had got to my name on his list of passengers to call to get on early flights out of London. Wow. He even got the pronunciation of my last name correct. Something that not even people who know us well do all the time. So we are flying tomorrow at 6.30pm on an A380 yippee!!!

Since my phone battery was nearly flat, Doug suggested that we find a public telephone, give him the number and he would call us back on that number. This took a while but he did so, and we were able to complete all the booking requirements. I am very impressed with the level of service provided by Singapore Airlines.