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I am Joshua Thomas Slavin. I am now 4 3/4 years old, and I am full of mischief.

I like to play with anything electronic and especially if it has buttons... television, video, stereo, computer, mobile phones, you name it, I can press it.I also especially like to play with Matthew's toys because it really annoys him and I get such a good reaction. It is also fun to lead my sister astray and try and get her to join in my mischief.

I am especially good at playing on Daddy's computer. I can do things with daddy's computer that even he can't do. I love to play on my favourite websites and can open them all by myself. I am pretty clever!! I can also open up my favourite games and would even be able to log on to the computer if I just knew how to type dad's password!!

I love to play with cars & balls and anything that makes noise. I love to read my Thomas the Tank Engine books and to watch Bob The Builder, Hi 5 and the Teletubbies on TV. I also like to make puzzles and I love to climb. Nothing is safe in my house! I love to draw as well and not always on the paper mummy gives me to draw on.

Some of my special friends are Ronda and her daughter Rachel (Rachel and I like to do drawings together) and Lye Kueen, we love to play tigers. My other special friend is Melanie, she is my Kindermusik teacher and she thinks I am just wonderful! Of course she is right!!!

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