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I am Emily Rose Slavin. I was born at 5pm on the 19th January 2003, my actual due date! I weighed 7lb 7oz and was 50cm long. Everybody says I look beautiful. I hope they are right.

When I was born everyone was very excited. When daddy told my special friend Ronda that I was a girl she danced down the hospital hallway. And when daddy rang our church to tell them, the evening church service was on, and the whole congregation cheered when the announcement was made. Isn't that special???

I am very special too. My big brother Matthew asked God for a baby sister one night when saying his prayers and next thing Mummy finds out she is pregnant and here I am! God is pretty clever isn't he?

Before I was born I was known as "Frogmore". It all started when my big brother Matthew said to my mummy one day, 'If the baby is a boy, we can call it Frogmore Jebediah". Mummy laughed but the name caught on and soon everyone was calling me that. Nobody knows where he got the name from but daddy found out that there is a building at Windsor Castle called Frogmore. Thankfully, since I was born, nobody has called me Frogmore. Mummy says it is because I am much too beautiful for such a name!!

Well now I am nearly 2 and I have certainly grown up. I have beautiful big blue eyes and lots of gorgeous brown curls and people think I am very cute. Which of course I am. I make sure they remember how cute I am when ever I do something naughty by smiling very sweetly at them. It usually gets me out of trouble.

I love dolls and other girly things, which makes mummy happy, but with 2 older brothers I am also pretty good at standing up for myself. I love to boss them around too and I am always telling them off when they are doing the wrong thing. What would they do with out me???






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